Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm getting the itch to dance again. who is down?

so dance dance like its the last , last night of your life

Monday, April 4, 2011


Why do i feel so stuck. I go numb when I'm around certain people its weird. It's happened three times now. I always feel like I'm not interesting enough . Inside my head I'm shouting out ,"I swear I'm not this boring!!!" "I'm really cool I swear". But for some reason I clam up and get really self conscious and embarrassed with every word that comes out of my mouth . I almost feel dumb if that makes sense. Lately I have been feeling like a caged bird I want to get out so bad. I feel like I need to get out. Can I start over with certain people? Have I all ready made an impression that I cant fix.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

midnight drives

As usual when I cant sleep I turn to my trusty set of wheels and my ipod blasting to where I can't hear anything outside, of course windows rolled all the way down that way people can hear my annoying music .Obviously I'll turn it down when I go into neighborhoods but for the most part I think I'am slightly deaf do to me blasting my music in my car and head phones. Tonight I saw 3 cars pass me doing the same thing that I was in 3 different places. We locked eyes each time saying what's up as we passed through the lights at intersections. A couple of them even was bold enough to ask me for my number while looking bad in my car jamming to my music. lol Of course no number was given out but made me feel awesome. Anyway I wish the way I was feeling at different times could just escape into a good song rather than just saying it. It feels like it's so much easier to muster up.