Monday, February 14, 2011

love day

I'm more than just an option, hey, hey, hey
Refuse to be forgotten, hey, hey, hey
I took a chance with my heart, hey, hey, hey
And I feel it takin' over

I better find your lovin', I better find your heart
I better find your lovin', I better find your heart
I better find your lovin', I better find your heart
I bet if I give all my lovin', nothin's gonna tear us apart

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


yep those pounds are going to come off and when summer come's so are my clothes :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

when you touch me its so delicious thats money honey

Warning- this blog contains examples of sexual and dating situations.

Proceed with Caution.

What not to do when you want to keep it strictly friends with benefits. There seriously needs to be a rule book. Or maybe you need to establish these rules when you first get into it. I feel like it should just be known what not t do. For example kissing. Isn't kissing a sign of affection? Like few kisses here and there eh.. but going out of your way to kiss them. If you want to know going out of your way to kiss them means ask me.....
Another thing is saying there name during. But what if your in the moment or something but saying there name could mean your into them. Snuggling or cuddling and spooning? Could that be a bad thing to do too. I guess I'm just curious of the rules of the "game". I know sex makes everything complicated. It's unbelievably hard to keep emotions out of sex. I saw this movie recently that basically talks about all the things not to do when your just trying to use that person for friends with benefits. Got me thinking about whole dating game and shit. The game is hard. Being single isn't easy. Or maybe I just have no game ......haha

baby, when you tear me to pieces thats money honey.