Wednesday, January 5, 2011

what up 2011

So it's finally here. The New year. The chance for everyone to start over and forget the past.
The last month of 2010 has been awesome. New experiences, new people its been a ride. 2011 has started off ok. Could be way better but you know.

I have learned that some people just cant be played with. I feel like I have a good sense of humor and do a good job portraying it clearly. Well at least I thought. If you put at the end of smart remark a "pshhhhh" as in the sound. doesn't that mean your like scoffing at them in a joking matter? I thought so. If not feel free to let me know i was in the wrong.

Anyway hope everyone's new years was as amazing as mine and you got to get drunk and ring in the new years with the people you love.

More photos soon

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