Thursday, January 13, 2011

listen hot stuff

I feel like all the high maintenance beezys have ruined it for the girl's who are really chill. I don't understand why a guy would go with the girl that they call a bitch or talk about all the time and not the one thats chill and fun to be with. F those beezys.

I know that I need to be more girly. Bring out those "bad boys" once in a while . let them say whats up. Julie told me that she think's guys are intimidated by me. She says that I'm a really attractive girl and then they see all your tattoos and piercings that they automatically think your hard and not girly. Now I don't dress like a man but i don't dress girly either. So I have decided to update the wardrobe to more low cut shirts and a real purse. Ok.... I lied those were Julies word. But it's not a bad idea. No more green purse that I constantly lose my shit in. Although that purse has worked in my favor these last couple of months. So thank you purse but you need to retire. I have stopped losing weight the way I wanted, now its time to hit the gym. I hope these next months will be succesfull in my "makeover" or whatever you want to call it.

Night lovers


  1. I am in total favor of the tits coming out to play....just don't over do it either lol. I love you baby girl and even tho for some unknown reason i always sound like a bitch latelt I say it cause i love you. And at least you know u can count on me for the truth. Lol. Go better girl your looking smoking thank god you don't have that douche to weigh you down anymore. Cause I know everyone wants to hit that shit

  2. I'm a good internet stalker and I love me some blogs, so I hope you don't mind I found this :)

    I get the whole "you intimidate men" thing too. And here is what I think : if they are really a man they won't be intimidated ;) The ones strong enough to handle someone strong, awesome and independent won't care that you don't wear pink and have your boobs hanging out. You're adorable, beautiful, and such a sweet heart from what I've seen. Don't let some idiot tell you that you don't fit their mold. It's THEIR weakness... not yours <3

  3. Aawwwwwww thanks heather and of course I don't mind :) I mean I kind of do want to branch out and be more girly. Kind of challenging for me lol


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