Tuesday, November 23, 2010

who needs enemies with friends like these?

I'm happy and lost at the same time. I'm a new person, its weird to look back and think about the things my old self would have frowned upon.......
Registered for spring courses! I have decided to take Spanish. I not only have an interest in the foreign language its apart of my culture. My Dad's side of the family all know at least some Spanish and I would love to be able to speak Spanish for many reasons. I have met some really awesome people. Work is eh...But at least its a paycheck every week.

I feel like I should put up a before and after picture of what I look like now and last year this time. I don't know we will see. I heard its snowing in Portland. Oh how I miss snow. Yes I indeed miss the 4 hour drives home. Ok that was me being sarcastic. But I do miss waking up and looking out the window and there be snow.

I miss Portland living , if only i could have the best of both world's. I think what I miss the most is a place of my own. Where me and the roomies chilled, drank, played games. I will have again someday but right now I miss that.

Going to make cookies soon. If anyone is down

Here are some pictures of the past week-

yeah i know the end pictures are quite classy............

hope everyone is doing lovely.

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