Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now and then

Ok so I was talking with my lovely friend Kat , when she brought up another friend and used the phrase " I just want to put him in my pocket" Then the conversation lead to Polly Pocket's. You will remember them if you were a little girl in the early 90s. They are these cute pocket sized compact houses with little people in them and were able to move them around and put them into place of the little house . They had the most simplest faces two dot's for eyes and one smile. The only part that was flexible on them was there torso so they can bend over. Other than that very simple, but so much fun!!! Polly Pockets are still around but I'am sadden to say that they are total pieces of shit now.

Here are the reasons-

1.- Polly Pocked now is about index finger length . I guess you can say she is still pocket sized but her house isn't!
2.-She now has a pair a lips and a nose. Seriously, Polly Pocket looked way better without all the real characteristics of a real human being.
3. The old Polly Pocket came with the wardrobe there was no changing her . Now Polly Pocket comes with an array of clothes to change in and out of. Which i feel bad for mothers today cause i know those clothes are getting sucked into vacuum cleaners everyday.
4. I don't really have anymore reasons I think the ones today just suck .

Anyway that was my rant for the day. Just thought I'd share.

P.s While we are on the subject of Polly Pocket I came across this little jem. It's a Polly Pocket bracelet. Adorable.

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  1. seriously, there clothing are like rubber and they break all the time. so i have little rubber peaces all over the housed at time.....i didn't get the polly pocket ones, but they were similar but the princess ones. but the kids love em lol


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