Sunday, August 15, 2010

metal heads

I went to Berkley last night to do a photo shoot for my friends boyfriends band. They were called "Zombie Holocaust". I can tell you that taking photos is a hard job with metal bands do to the fact that your constantly being tossed around like a rag doll if you get to close. I'm not a metal fan but i can appreciate the amount of energy and skill of the guitar it takes to put into those shows. The fans are ruthless . But regardless I had a good time observing and taking photos. My Canon G11 is becoming more and more of an annoyance the more i take photos. I want an S.L.R really bad. That will be my first purchase when i get a job. The Canon 7D is looking like thats the camera for me. Anyway i did some make up for Zombie Apocalypse , some minor cuts and bruises for them. Ended the night driving 4 drunk friends home, singing along to Disney songs.

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