Sunday, August 29, 2010

a pocket full of.

It's been a couple days since I have actually wrote something meaningful or at least semi interesting. Honestly this pot tonight is really boring. Well OK most of my post are kind of boring ,but if your a friend I'm sure you wont mind reading. I have been having a great time since I have moved back. I have been to Yosemite, meeting up with old friends, making new friends, going to school etc... You get the idea. Although there is something missing.

The other day I talked t my friend Sonya who live's up in Portland. She is one of the most beautiful inside and out person I have ever met. She is alway positive no matter what situation. Honestly I wish I could have a little Sonya all to myself and keep her in my pocket and when i need her advice all i do is take her out of my pocket and ask. She is one of the many people I miss that I left behind. We use to work together and I would find myself idealizing her mind set. She has an amazing husband a positive outlook on life . This girl could move mountain's if she wanted to. I keep recalling a conversation I once had with her on what make a successful relationship. She told me that you should love the person your with for the good moments and there bad moments. As well as bad habits. Now this doesn't mean like a guy shooting up heroine or beating you. I mean cigarettes chewing gum etc..... There should alway's be and understanding f the other persons need's. She gave me this example. Her husband had been working for 2 days straight and she had also been stuck inside the house working and not being able to spend time because he was working . So one day when they were both home together he took the initiative to say hey you have been stuck in the house all day, lets get you out of the house, lets go get some coffee or take a stroll . She does the same thing and ask's him. This made me realize a lot of things that I didn't realize before even at the time we had this conversation I don't think I fully understood.They always say "don't sweat the small thing's" I feel like I did sweat the small thing's and looking back. I don't know why I did. I have so many realizations. But i will share the rest of those feeling another day when I'm comfortable. . Anyway Sonya always know's how to look on the bright side of every situation. I think she needs to write a book. She is an amazing friend and I love her.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September is almost here

Did Julie's make up last night. Going to do a photo shoot Sunday night. This is my sorry attempt for an update

photo op

So... I have been meaning to share this because I'm really excited about it. I had taken photos for this metal band in the bay area and I guess another metal band saw the pictures and want me to do there pictures for there album. Best part of that is that they want to pay me! It feels so good that someone would be willing to pay me for something that I like do. So I have decided not only am I going to be in the CNA program but I'm also going to pursue Photography. The CNA program will be a secure job for me to have. Photography will be on the side but I will still try and make it my career goal.

I need an SLR :( please universe be in my favor this time


Today I had yoga and loved it!!!! I'm so glad i got into it. It is definitely challenging to your body . But it's helping with stress. It was so hot today, well now yesterday. 105 is where it peaked . Today it is suppose to be 103 another day of frying eggs on the pavement. We went to Banchero's last night, so good.... Not feeling so great today. Lots of thoughts running around.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Suzi Q

Suzi King, You will be missed and loved, words can not express how shocked and sadden I'am to get the news. You were an amazing person and to think that We had conversed over Facebook just a couple weeks ago. I know you are now with your mother that you so greatly missed and could not stay in this world without her. I know all of us are wishing we had more time to spend with you . You were an amazing person with a big heart and . Your name always will pop up when i think of chocolate chip pancakes. I love you Suzi, Ill see you when my journey begins one day.

love you sweet cakes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

metal heads

I went to Berkley last night to do a photo shoot for my friends boyfriends band. They were called "Zombie Holocaust". I can tell you that taking photos is a hard job with metal bands do to the fact that your constantly being tossed around like a rag doll if you get to close. I'm not a metal fan but i can appreciate the amount of energy and skill of the guitar it takes to put into those shows. The fans are ruthless . But regardless I had a good time observing and taking photos. My Canon G11 is becoming more and more of an annoyance the more i take photos. I want an S.L.R really bad. That will be my first purchase when i get a job. The Canon 7D is looking like thats the camera for me. Anyway i did some make up for Zombie Apocalypse , some minor cuts and bruises for them. Ended the night driving 4 drunk friends home, singing along to Disney songs.