Friday, July 30, 2010

quote of the day

My brother gave me these wise words the other day.

"Its not about finding yourself. Its about creating the person you will be."

It made me feel so good.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been listening to the news that is constantly talking about the Oscar Grant case. How it was murder and "he knew what he was doing" I think its bullshit. If the cop had took his gun looked at it and then shot it I would consider the fact that he did intend on murder. But Based on my opinion I don't think you can tell from a video on someones intentions. I don't know what a Oakland Police Officer does on a day to day bases or what he sees and has to deal with, but I can imagine how high of stress they must be going through and how on edge they must be on a daily bases. I'm not a racist by all means. I know that what happen to Oscar was a tragedy and I'm not excusing the officer that did it. I just don't think this officer should have to go to jail for murder. I think the verdict for involuntary man slaughter was the right decision. I do understand that people are upset and have a right to protest. But destroying your own city? That is not a solution. I can't help to put racism into thought. What if the officer had been black that shot Oscar? What if Oscar was white? Would the streets of Oakland still been rained with havoc? Just something I have been thinking through this Trial.

On a brighter note I have registered for school. I'am heading into the Medical administrative assistant program. Thought I would just start getting things rolling with school. I'm not a school person. I had a hard time in high school and I never really pushed myself to the fullest.. So for now I'm taking it slow with 8 units. One of those units is physical activity, yoga. It feels good to register for school and I can't wait to start getting into a routine of things. Still jobless at the moment but still looking. Things are going great getting tan :) swimming a lot .

Also, being a fan of all Hayao Miyazaki films. There is a new one coming out!!!! The trailer wasn't that awesome but..... how can I say no to Miyazaki!!!!! Tale from Earthsea is what it is called. Here is the the link for the trailer.

Well that is all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!!!!