Sunday, June 6, 2010

a new life

I will be going on my 3rd week being in California. I cant tell you how happy I'am. Its weird how just a change of scenery can change your attitude. I'am happy to say that since I have been here I have lost 11 pounds. Food is no longer a comfort. Money is becoming no long existent day by day . But I have got my resume together and will be looking for employment starting Monday. I have decided that I want to live in Alameda. Marie took me out with some of her friends whom I loooove by the way. They have whats called an old soul. They love old style music like Frank Sinatra and Elvis. They love all the old movies with actors James Dean. The type of people that I'm describing if you want to put a label on them are called "rockabilly's". A term I had never heard of until I came back to California. But I enjoyed there company,love there style and hope it becomes a regular thing. We went to there regular bar called the lemon tree, a very homey place .

Thats it for now ... :)