Friday, May 7, 2010

new beginnings

Why can't I keep this blog updated every month. I don't do anything most of the time. I guess haven't found anything interesting to write. As of today I only have 3 more days to work and its so invigorating to know I wont have to listen people complain anymore , well at least for a while. May 22nd is my last day in Portland , its weird to think that I have been here 3 years. Its going to be nice to be back in good old California, Ive missed it terribly. My friend Amie recently introduce to me to this local Peruvian restaurant called Limo (Lee-Mo). Its me and Jason's new favorite spot. Another friend Eli had introduce me to some new music. Wycleff Jean, I had heard some of his songs, the popular ones that are on the radio of course. But now have a much more broader range of his music thanks to my musical savvy friend. I wish I had a little bit more to say but my life isnt that exciting right now. So I guess this will do for now.