Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New years resolution

my new years resolution has always been the same thing. To lose weight, or get to my "goal" weight. 2009 has seem to slip by, I feel it hasn't been a good year. I feel that 2010 is going to be a good year. I feel like I'm going to accomplish things and that what lye's ahead is going to be greater than I imagine. I feel as if I can feel the good energy from 2010. It could be the joy of knowing that 2010 is when i move back to California for a while. It could also be that 2009 was such a downer with the economy at a constant downward spiral. Either way I'm glad that this year is over. Losing 35lbs is going to be a challenge but its the only way that will make me feel better about myself.

Yesterday we had a freak snow storm I was stuck in traffic for almost 4 hours and honestly thought I was going to have to have to sleep in the car on the side of the freeway. Of course Portland was not prepared for this even though we went through a horrendous snowy 2 weeks last December. Things have calmed down for now and all the snow for the most part has melted. 3 more months till we are out of the Alameda house. We will definitely be having a "goodbye" party.

That's the latest for now. Everyone be safe this new years eve!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas and good tidings

Christmas has almost come and gone in t-minus 3 hours. I worked on Christmas eve and if I hadn't got to get go home early I would have cracked. I can not believe how inconsiderate and oblivious people can be. I know working for Comcast basically sets me up to talk with assholes . But on all days out of the whole year a person calls into to comcast and wants to talk and yell and call you a bitch over there bill on Christmas eve. I don't think you can go any lower. You should be with your family celebrating that you are a family. Or if you don't have anyone to share Christmas with why not volunteer to help people less fortionate than you, instead of calling comcast and complain to a person you don't even know and call them every name in the book just because they are telling you what you don't want to hear and that the are doing "there job". I was getting so many calls like these all day that I was losing faith in man kind by the hour.

I went to Powell's last night for some last min Christmas shopping. I always feel bad going shopping on Christmas eve cause I know that person that is ringing me up does not want to be there and honestly id rather them not be there so they can be with loved ones. But sadly I would still go shopping if it wasn't closed. So thank you customer service workers even though you hate people like me you helped someone get a gift. My thoughts of humanity going down the drain was uplifted when i gave the old vet that stands outside of powells trying to sell newspapers to get a buck . I had walk by him twice and said no each time. I didn't want to go through Christmas eve or Christmas day without doing something selfless. Christmas eve and day is when everyone is expecting more out of people because its a time of joy and peace and good will towards men. As I came out of Powells with my bad full of books. I pulled out a five dollar bill and told the old man I didn't want a newspaper and that he should keep it but wanted to say merry Christmas and to take care of him self. I put the money in his hand and gave him a hug and he hugged back and gave me the most thankful look on his face that I have never seen before he then told me also to have a merry Christmas and happy new year and as I walked a way with the warmest feeling flowing through my body i looked back and saw that I started a chain reaction with the good deed i did. I felt even more happy and once i got in my car i started crying. It was the best I have ever felt in years . He deserves more than standing on the corner selling news paper. I wondered where is his family what happened to this poor old man. It made having the life that i have and the will and feeling of wanting to help worth all the heartache and stress in world for that just one moment.

Christmas was what I expected . Jason went home to sped some time with the folks as well did Walker. Maria went to her brothers on Christmas eve and Patrick was nice enough to have me over with his family to have Christmas eve dinner. Sally's cooking is always delicious, we had a repeat of thanksgiving dinner. Anyway things have been good so far . Same old same old. 3 more months till we move again. Very cold today, still waiting to see some snow :)

Well it has been a day I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Lets now get ready for the New year!