Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turkey is coming up

J had his 25th birthday yesterday, I bought him some delicious brrrrr seasonal beer and made him a big home made lasagna. The night before I took him out for a dinner and a movie date. We went to the southern hospitality restaurant the "country cat" you have to get there right at 5 or before 6 because the seating fills up fast. Its lovely low lighting and amazing food aromas fill the air and you the anticipation waiting for your food has never been so intense. Jay had a the Thursday night special which was 3 deep fried white fish of some sort and some white rice with a little dash of salt and chopped up parsley. I had a Braised beef with an outer crust layer of garlic salt and bread crumbs, with butternut squash and bacon braised collard greens. Country Cat always has a few new things on there menu every month. If you haven't tried it you should! We then went to go see Zombie land, if you like zombie movies plus Superbad this is the movie for you. It has the awesome bloody zombie killing and then the humorous lines and acting similar to Superbad. It also had an a really good cameo in it that you are not expecting, which makes it an all around good comedy/horror movie. Way better than Shawn of the dead .

On the subject of movies I also saw the horrific yet beautiful film Anti Christ directed by Lars Van Trier. How awful and horrific can movie be you ask? To0 horrific to explain in words because it does not give it justice on just how much you cringe and squint your eyes to these scenes. Before you shy away from this movie please go see it for its amazing cinematography and performance from Willem Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg gave. Obviously this film is not for the faint hearted and for people who are deeply disturbed by explicit sex scenes and full blown nudity. But for the few that will see the movie and respect that the scenes and imagery are there for you to become apart of the character and be apart of the emotion that they are going through, then i think you will see past the provocative side and see the beauty of the film.

Turkey day is only 2 weeks away and I'am so excited to gobble up all that turkey and mash potatoes. Being with the family is going to be the best part. Haven't seen them since August and it is long due to have some laughs and talk with everybody. Hopefully this was enough for an update or maybe even too much?hope things are are going well

till the next happening :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

halloween bash

Why can I not keep up on this. The leaves have fallen off the trees and winter is officially on its way . We had an amazing Halloween party. Everyone had a good time and was all ready asking us if we were having a new years party, seems like we are having a good run of hosting party's. Work has been steady still despited the economy but very stressful. I hate the high level of producing we have to do, if its not one thing its another. I need to get a new camera , I hate having to ask or scourer Facebook for pictures.
Anyway this is bad update but hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time. heres some pictures.