Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have been thinking about my childhood a lot lately and how I long to go back and live the way I did as a child. Lucky for me I have had amazing parents that were able to provide and pretty much give me what I asked for. Now I wasn't spoiled well maybe a little but often my parents would tell me know to some sort of toy that I didn't need to add to collection on the floors of my room. I miss the way I would get up whenever I want and my alarm clock was my mom.

I grew up as a 90s kid and like any 90s kid you would get up on Saturday mornings to watch Pepperann and recess and all the other amazing shows that kids now a day don’t get to watch. It’s actually really disappointing what nickelodeon and cartoon network show kids. Everything is in the 3d crappy animation and this always happy nothing bad happens persona. I can tell you that my kids will not watch any of the stupid shows that are on now.

I ‘am determined to purchase all the old shows i watched and let my children watch them instead. Unless the entertainment market for kids drastically changes.

how could we forget-

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