Sunday, July 19, 2009

i want to be apart of this

Update finally

Things have been going great. The boys have finished the first paid gig. Way to go guys! Walker’s parents came up last weekend and spoiled us with bbq meats. Bornaby is doing well happy as a clam and recovering from his recent booster shots.
Things have changed a lot, some thing’s I wish hadn’t change and others were for the better. Going back to school is going to be a challenge since a skated on thin ice through high school and I haven’t been in a classroom since 2007. But I think it will be good and it’s something that I love to do and that’s help people. Although I’m not looking forward to the significant climate change I think I will adjust well. Me and Jason are great I love that we can plan for the future and know that it’s going to happen. I still know that love is all I need to survive in this world full of hard times and headaches. I know that my Family and Jason are the people I want to be around the most. Living up here has made me realize how much I took my family for granted. ……………..I know a little too mushy. I’m feeling the love today

On a brighter one of my best friends Julie has given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Myles. Also another new addition from the birth canal of Katie has also brought to the world a baby boy named Charlie. Congratulation to the new mamas..
My parents including my brother come up in 2 more weeks and the anticipation is all ready settling in.
Why does time have to go so slow for them to get here and then it will go fast when they do.
Working on new tribute tattoo- In memory of m.j , I know I know I already have one but this one is going to be simple but amazing. Haven decided where it’s going to be yet. I want to make a trip down to skanky l.a to see my cousin and aunt and uncle and of course go to happiest place on earth. Yay!

Anyway I think I’m done rambling.