Friday, June 26, 2009

march-june blogs

I know I haven't updated for a while but I so write them out and save, so I do mean to post them I just

Forget, so here whats happened for the past 5 months starting from when I came back form California for my birthday.

early march-

I’ am so glad that it’s starting to stay light out later than get dark earlier. I really hate moving but also love it at the same time. New place, new energy new layout.

Plus new roommate.Good times to be heard J my new roomy is not used to home cook meals so she is in for a treat. I have notice with the economy going in a spiral downward motion it’s made me bust out with a Betty Crocker cook book, apron and wooden spoon. The one thing I miss about living with my parents is my own room. Being in a 5 year relationship and 4 out of those 5 years I have shared a room with my boyfriend. As much as I love Jason I miss the feel of having my own room to go to when I need to get away or just relax.

middle of march-

I know I haven’t been keeping up on my updating regularly but here is the latest. Good news, we officially have a new house I literally cannot wait till we move in. We put in our deposit yesterday and on April 6th we get the keys. Pictures soon!!!!!!! 4 bed room + guest room, attic room and 2 bath rooms. Andddd the best of all a wood burning fire place. Moving Maria in this weekend that should be fun. I have a lot of packing to do in little amount of time basically we have this weekend all next week.


It’s been down-pouring since yesterday and on. We are supposed to get some thunderstorm tonight. On another note apparently a girl had killed herself yesterday my running in front of the max train at the goose hollow stop in front of the zoo tunnel. I can’t imagine what her life must have been that she had to result to suicide. Anyway, on a happy note the feature has been slowly creeping up on us. And oddly enough I’m not worried, being the needy Aries that I’ am. My interests in art have increased over the months. I find myself surfing through the internet pages for new and creative things. Things that I don’t look at and say, wtf?, a child could do that. Some of you would disagree but that’s why we are on a ladder of opinions. Went to Olive or Twist had a apple martini. It was pretty good.


Things have been good feature is over and Ye yo has been shot. Have been thinking about a lot of things and have made a decision and I’m happy about it, I cant wait to feel the warm sea breeze air again and be in my element , the way it use to be. And I might Have one my best friends as a roomate. :) Things are going great! I have been looking at schools and seeing wich one would be best for me. Anyway got the born fixed :) and my parents are coming in agust. this summer is going by way to fast almost july and soon agust. Anyway hope everyone is happy and doing well.

Will have pictures up soon of various things.

peace & love