Friday, April 3, 2009

errrrrbody in the bay gettin typsy

My birthday has been amazing it has lasted a week. we started at Porkys pizza and then headed off to pick Marie up. Ended up in berekley were I bought my first drink. A pomegranit martini that made me pretty buzzed. Marie and Jason had Mojitos . Things have been great. Great weather,great people. I miss it so much here. And leaving again will be hard but. But I filled up my gas and ready to start a new chapter in Portland. I have a lot of photos so it will take a while to upload them but they will be up sooner or later.

my tea party my mom set up for me :) hahaha

San Fransisco Lush Bar- Hawaiian Iced Tea-voldka,tequila,gin,rum, a splash of pinaple juice and pinch of cranberry- I drank the whole thing

me and jason out to dinner with Julie and Brian -

me and my dad out to lunch

me and my little brother :) haha

more pictures later :) gotta bounce

errrrbody in the bay gettin tipsy

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