Monday, March 16, 2009

a month!

Gilory, California-tree art. How amazing is this, that a man by the name of Alex Erlandson decided to make art with trees. I really want to go see these.


Another form of art, Crayola Crown Portraits. I'm always amazed how people can make Portraits with a bunch of different pictures, beads, and tiny painted dots that make up one picture.



This kind of art is what intrigues me; I think its texture art is what I love. Not the boring abstract Paintings.

I' am so glad that it's starting to stay light out later than get dark earlier. I really hate moving but also love it at the same time. New place, new energy new layout.

Plus new roommate= breath of fresh air! Good times to be heard J my new roomy is not used to home cook meals so she is in for a treat. I have notice with the economy going in a spiral downward motion it's made me bust out with a Betty Crocker cook book, apron and wooden spoon. The one thing I miss about living with my parents is my own room. Being in a 5 year relationship and 4 out of those 5 years I have shared a room with my boyfriend. As much as I love Jason I miss the feel of having my own room to go to when I need to get away or just relax.

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