Sunday, February 8, 2009

saterday 4pm

Yesterday me and Maria decided to take a drive along side of the river in the Nw industrial district side of Portland. There are a lot of old buildings and train cars with graffiti on them. on the way there we stopped by the old train station took some pictures and went on our way. On the way back to downtown i thought it would be a good idea to hit up a back road. So we found one and it went all the wait up to forest park where the road was blocked off so you could get out on walk into the park. There was a good view at the top of the river and st johns bridge we got out and for some reason i left my keys in the car just when I went to click open the door handle, nothing happend. I had locked my keys inside the car!!!! luckily I had my sweatshirt and my phone. I decided to call my trusty friend Patrick who quick came to save us. Although he came from south east so we had some time on our hands. so walked all the way down back to the main road and waited where we started to make up songs take pictures and play made up games. It was fun to say the least. We went to le happy and had some delicious crepes and then made our way home. I don't know what I 'm going to do today . I got up early today because bornaby likes to . This morning I watch the sunrise come up today It was so red It looked liked everything was on fire.

Its a weird sort of day today the sky is sort of off. its dark a gloomy on one side and the other is sunny so it makes this weird sort of gray shade. Its hard to explain. Pictures of the adventure.

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