Thursday, February 12, 2009

moving thoughts

Thank god its almost Friday and then its the weekend. Me and maria are going to take more photots this weekend. I think i should by some film. In a couple a weeks i will be here :) at home at my peace.

I will be enjoying the sun, in and out and some Alameda pastry's

Bornaby has been having a hard time with his teeth. he just kept crying last night and fidgeting. poor little guy. But we got him some chews and greenies..

I feel as if time has been passing by and another year has all ready pass by. we are well into February and soon it will be summer then fall then winter again. I have been thinking more and more about moving out of this house and getting a new one. But this house is a good house and I think me, jason and walker have some sort of attachment to it that we dont let on. I dont know . It does seem like a good idea though.

till we meet again

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