Saturday, February 21, 2009

blustery day

Watched the documentary "Sicko" last night. Its about the health care system in the United Sates. I don't understand how Cub,Pairs and London can have such a better health system and we cant. It really opens your eyes to how ridiculous our health care is. Don't get me wrong I am so great full to be here but I think we need to do a serious makeover on some systems we have here. If you have not seen the film I highly recommend it.

On another note I know this totally off subject but I had to bring it up. Even though I'm very afraid of it I would really like to try it. The Ouija board and yes I'm skeptic but also a believer if that makes any sense. Ive been reading forums to say not to do it all with strong advisory and warnings. But I'm still intrigued. We will see if i can work up the courage to purchase one or even use it. Its been so windy today. Our mail box slot is just a slot in our house and the wind come right through it. Have been looking more and more for a new house :) . This house a lot of pros but the cons out weigh the pros. So moving will be a well needed change.


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